Manga preveiw

There will be 7 elements in my manga, the elements are water,fire,earth,wind,darkness,light and metal. each element has certain powers and “normal people” could learn up to 3 elements and higher class people could learn 5 elements, but only a selected few can learn all 7 elements and also learn the secret power of ” Juki” (not gonna spoil you with the powers of Juki).  in the manga there will be 103 swords with magical powers that can boost the owner with 10~1000x or more greater power depending on the sword type. For example if you have the sword of fire and you do or don’t know the element fire you can control fire at will and use even more stronger spells then you could use before. The manga starts with a boy named Kibou and he is 14. One day while he was practicing his sword skills a sword came flying out of the sky and there he starts his journey. (end of preveiw no more spoilers) =D

Manga Preveiw (short summary)

Here is the some background info to my manga. In the time when Funo was crowned  king, darkness fell upon this world. The 6 great kings united and banished all the darkness, since the immortal Funo could not be killed at that time he was sealed for a eternity, but this seal did not last long. (500 years later) *note, did not draw this.


This is the Anime

This is the Anime channel and you are all invite to it. Today we will talk about Pokemon. Pokemon is great show and many people around the world have watched Pokemon. As you all know every single Pokemon opening is awesome. Here are all the Pokemon Openings Enjoy..